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FeedStock’s Enterprise Relationship Intelligence

Enterprise relationships have shifted from in-person to digital, working locations have changed. This video explains how FeedStock's ERI addresses the challenges posed by this shift.


Synapse Launch

Synapse automatically collects millions of data points that are generated from your business interactions, to give you all the insights you need to get ahead.


Understanding your customer – Shaping FinTech webinar

FeedStock co-Founder and CEO, Charlie Henderson took part in a Shaping FinTech webinar about how we can use data to understand our customers.


Why exploiting your data is essential to thrive

65% of businesses are increasing spend on data following COVID-19. This video looks at why.


How our email behaviour has changed since COVID-19

Analysis of email behaviour since the transition to working remotely has revealed some interesting statistics about how our human-to-human interactions have changed.


Driving value generation with AI

2020 is the year for enterprises to move their digital transformation strategies from "explore" to "action".


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