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Start building your data vision with FeedStock

Technology has evolved significantly since the emergence of cloud computing and AI. At FeedStock we leverage the latest methodologies, with state-of-the art neural networks to automatically structure the billions of data-points that our platform captures and processes in real-time. Our ability to power smarter decisions is enabled by strategically looking at an old problem with the benefits of a new approach.

Leveraging the latest orchestration software, we can rapidly and seamlessly integrate with your systems to create client intelligence that was previously thought impossible. We work with strategic business technology leaders who understand that data is mission critical for future progress.

Leveraging next-generation technology to drive growth

Through leveraging our custom-built connectors and state-of-the-art NLP deep learning models, our technology is currently processing billions of data points annually, in real-time.

Digital transformation for your core

Leverage technology that reveals the pulse of your enterprise from top to bottom. Gain a single version of truth, with a 360° view which enables you to take immediate action, mitigate risk, improve retention, spot missed growth opportunities and make smarter informed decisions.

FeedStock helps you cut through the noise, focus on what’s important and take action on your priorities.

FeedStock’s digital engine

Adaptable, flexible, leading edge technology. FeedStock works seamlessly with your existing systems, processes and communications channels. Our proprietary end-to-end platform is designed to learn and adapt to deliver what you need, when you need it, in real-time.

Accelerating competitive advantage using AI and deep learning NLP

There is a direct correlation between an organisations’ use of AI technologies and its ability to retain competitive advantage.

FeedStock’s powerful platform has been developed using expert system programming, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Named Entity Recognition (NER) and machine vision. Our advanced multi-lingual algorithms turn unstructured, complex and immense data into enhanced, structured datasets and actionable business intelligence.

NLP deep learning from FeedStock

Speed and immediacy

Our deployment of deep learning technologies aids real-time speed and immediacy of insights and next best action recommendations.

  • NER, sequence classification and sentiment analysis methodologies are deployed to understand communications data, misspelt words, vernacular and contextual communications that filter business-related from other exchanges.
  • FeedStock’s models are self-attention based neural networks trained using large, hand-built, unique internal datasets of 10,000s of aliases. Fast and automatic BI and enhanced datasets can then be streamed directly into enterprise data warehouses and systems in real-time.
classify, analyse and understand

Data capture and APIs

FeedStock’s data APIs are entirely customisable and enable our clients to stream enhanced, structured enterprise data directly into their data warehouse, analytics systems and CRM system. Being connected to every application inside and outside the enterprise enables real-time capturing and analysis all your interactions and data. Our unique data-capture technology enables us to unlock insights otherwise missed through conventional and traditional manual processes and systems.

FeedStock’s intelligence engine delivers contextual data analysis, client intelligence dashboards, personalised insights and predictive next best action recommendations.

FeedStock customiable data APIs

Frictionless technology, with easy integration

From its inception, the FeedStock system has been designed and built in a modular fashion using microservices so that system integrations and deployments are able to meet the very high-technical, security and privacy requirements of global enterprises. Robust and trusted, FeedStock is able to seamlessly integrate with a variety of IT infrastructures, enabling easier integration and reduced timeframes to go-live.


Flexible, modular, customisable technology

Our system architecture experts can design and implement a system integration to suit your compliance, legal and security requirements.

Cloud, on-premise or hybrid hosting solutions are all possible, depending on specific client requests. You are in control of what confidential data leaves the organisation, if any.

FeedStock utilises AWS VPC services with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for micro-service deployment.


FeedStock integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure

FeedStock will empower you with data.

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