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Relationship Success

Move the dial from good to exceptional client relationships using FeedStock’s leading-edge AI technology.

Smart technology enables you to build stronger client relationships and to focus and prioritise your efforts and time. Using Next Best Action analytics, deliver timely and relevant information to your key stakeholders and clients. Outperform rivals in today’s ultra-competitive environment by leveraging the latest AI advancements.

Synapse unites disparate sales functions and processes

Synapse enables you to identify more leads, establish stronger, long-term client relationships and take the right actions to increase sales, build lasting relationships and grow. Gain a 360° view of your prospects, including your cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Achieve world-class relationship success

In an increasingly competitive world, real-time evidence based actionable insight is what every sales enablement leader wants.

You no longer need to rely on laborious and inaccurate manual data entry: relieve your sales team to focus on sales. Remove the headache of partial CRM datasets, disconnected communications, and losing precious insights and value in unstructured communications. Gain full visibility of what your Next Best Action should be.

Identify Opportunities. Boost ROI.

Sales is a relationship-driven process and we’re not changing that; we’re making it play into your hands. FeedStock’s technology will help you strengthen those relationships, immediately identifying opportunities and recommending Next Best Actions to help you win and keep more accounts. Ensure you don’t miss any growth or new opportunities again.

Our AI driven technology is any salesperson’s new critical asset.

Identify Opportunities. Boost ROI.

Key Benefits

Increased Opportunities

Identify trends and uncover hidden revenue-generating insights.

Increased Conversions

Close more business by focusing on the right opportunities.

Increased Efficiency

Real-time data to drive relationship success with Next Best Action analytics.

Powering Smarter Decisions

The key to bringing technology into your sales effort is to ensure it works seamlessly with the tools and systems your team already has set in place and causes no disruption.

FeedStock works in real-time, automatically understands and captures each client and prospect engagement and identifies trends and preferences. Suggesting Next Best Actions to enable a smarter sales process.

AI client insights

Combine your talent with our smart technology to achieve relationship success.