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Compliance Success

Automate the way you solve your compliance and regulatory challenges

Leverage leading edge technology to lift the increasing burdens faced by the asset and wealth management industries.

Simplify the complexities of compliance, inducement monitoring, research valuation and trade justification.

Effortlessly embed compliance and optimize your investment process

Cortex automatically delivers a 360°, independent and accurate view of all your research related activities, without anyone lifting a finger.

Maximise value. Mitigate risk.

In today’s highly regulated environment it is more important that ever to have foundations in place which enable an enterprise to react, respond and comply with new regulations and market conditions.

Leveraging AI to automate data capture across an organisation’s communication streams not only provides automatic MiFID II compliance, but also a complete, accurate and impartial dataset on which to base enterprise decisions.

Key Benefits

AI-driven Automation

An accurate and impartial dataset on which to base enterprise decisions, without any disruption to front-office workflows.

Payment Validation

Qualitative and quantitative data to validate your research payments.

Inducement Monitor

Automatic identification of inducements using advanced deep learning technology.

Automatic compliance with zero disruption

FeedStock intelligently captures, analyses and securely understands all the internal and external research interactions across the information streams in your business.

Cortex completely takes away the burden of tracking these interactions internally as well as removing the need to rely on and reconcile sell-side data, enabling your investment professionals to focus on what they do best.


Compliance automation that integrates seamlessly into existing technology

Let FeedStock empower you with data.

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