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Will 2021 be the year you listen to your sales team?

15 Feb 2021

Business relationships have completely transformed, but the systems we use (email, calls, CRMs etc.) to manage, build and strengthen them have remained the same. So,...

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“Systems of Intelligence”: the new approach for B2B client relationship management

25 Jan 2021

This quick-read looks at industry trends and expert opinion to draw conclusions about the next phase of enterprise tech innovation: Systems of Intelligence.

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The new B2B sales challenge: how to stay human in an increasingly digital world

6 Nov 2020

B2B sales has undergone a dramatic and accelerated digital shift over the past six months. This quick-read assesses the implications of those changes and identifies...

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EMEA Equities Broker Case Study

18 Sep 2020

A case study of how one European Equities Broker deployed FeedStock Synapse to drive better client service, increased revenue-generation and improved cost and risk management...

Case Study

Avoiding the three pitfalls of a modern-day CRM

3 Sep 2020

This blog draws on trends seen over the past year in CRM adoption in investment banks and Independent Research Providers (IRPs) and identifies the potential...

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What does a successful enterprise cloud solution look like?

27 Aug 2020

How has the discussion around cloud technology moved on and what will a successful enterprise cloud solution look like ten years from now?

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