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Enterprise Relationship Intelligence. What is it and why is it so important in the hybrid working world?

The current problem set As commercial relationships have shifted from in-person to digital, three key challenges have emerged: there are more clients per revenue generator...

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Executive Search Firm Case Study

An example of how an executive search firm could use FeedStock's Enterprise Relationship Intelligence to gain visibility of global client activity and which clients are...

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Global Insurance Broker Case Study

An example of how a global insurance broker could deploy FeedStock's ERI system to address the challenge presented by the complex relationship ecosystem which exists...

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The new generation of digital “Revenue Innovators”

This quick-read looks at a new term which is emerging to describe the most forward-thinking sales leaders: “Revenue Innovators” and assesses how they are addressing...

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Professional Services Firm Case Study

An example of how a professional services firm could deploy FeedStock's ERI system, Synapse, to maximise the ROI of their teams and increase revenue generation.

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Will 2021 be the year you listen to your sales team?

Business relationships have completely transformed, but the systems we use (email, calls, CRMs etc.) to manage, build and strengthen them have remained the same. So,...

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