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Billions of data points captured, classified and delivered to you as real-time insights.

Synapse is the world’s first automated Enterprise Relationship Intelligence (ERI) system, delivering unrivalled data vision for our clients and their operations.

10 times more client interaction data, 300% increase in revenue opportunities all delivered without any disruption or a single manual input.



We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can deliver value to our business. We chose FeedStock because of its new automated approach to understanding client interactions and have been amazed by the insights it produces. Almost 10 x more client data captured than our traditional CRM workflows with zero disruption to any client facing staff, whilst delivering continuous insights to our sales and management teams.

Both parts of the business win.

Matthew Norman, Head of Technology at Redburn

Key Features

Client Optimisation & Retention

360-degree visibility of your client relationships ensures maximum revenue growth and minimum client churn.

Data Automation Superiority

Prioritising automation now will stop the ongoing cost of bad data, manual systems and the constant drain on time and focus.

Sales Team Management

Understand internal client relationship strengths to maximise cohesion and minimise ineffective resource allocation.

Data Vision

Humans register millions of visual signals per minute, but every day we are losing these signals as we are meeting our clients less and less.  Today’s digital relationship environment means you can be blind to the risks and opportunities across your client operations.

Synapse gives you back control by providing you with the insights that enable you to operate at the highest level as business relationships shifts from in-person to digital.


Qualitative Insights

Qualitative insights are impossible to generate using traditional data capture methodologies.  In order to create such meaningful and actionable insights, you need data volumes far beyond the capabilities of existing CRMs.

Our ERI system, Synapse, captures, structures and processes huge volumes of data to uncover otherwise hidden qualitative data signals that can be used to get ahead in today’s digital environment.


Data Automation

Manual data entry is prone to inaccuracies and drains your team’s time and focus. According to Salesforce, 91% of manual CRM data becomes outdated or obsolete within a year.

With an increasingly urgent need to focus on profitability in today’s competitive environment, it is time to move on from approaches designed in the 1990s that reduce your productivity, produce bad results and are a never-ending data administration nightmare.


Our seamless integrations ensure maximum data capture.

Billions of data points automatically generated, securely captured, AI-structured, real-time delivered.

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