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Minimise the regulatory burden

Cortex works in real time to automatically capture, analyse and securely understand all the internal and external research interactions across the information streams in your business. The system completely takes away the burden of tracking these interactions internally as well as removing the need to rely and reconcile sell-side data, enabling your investment professionals to focus on what they do best.

Rooted in an in-depth understanding of MiFID II, Cortex connects to your existing systems, applying the latest AI technology to enable you to manage research compliance across your organisation. Automatically monitor for inducements, generate audit trails and demonstrate process to the regulator.


Jupiter Asset Management

FeedStock’s intelligence technology has provided Jupiter with an innovative data capture tool, a tool which has rapidly become an essential asset to the development of Jupiter’s BAU process. Our integration was quick, efficient and supported by consistent communication between senior FeedStock representatives and internal users. We were quickly able to derive meaningful insights from our myriad relationships and act on these swiftly, providing us with the opportunity to develop quick and measurable MI to display the business impact.

Key Features

Regulatory Compliance

Automatic inducement monitor and audit trails.

Research Valuation

Qualitative data to justify research payments.

Interaction Monitoring

Analyse research consumption across information streams.

Justify your research payments

Immediately visualise your consumption of investment research services and inducements across your company from your existing systems. Compare providers and service types across emails, chat, meetings, portals, calls and aggregators with research analytics.

Cortex uses the latest deep learning technologies to classify research into bespoke, generic or other enquiries and to derive rich insights about trending sectors and topics. The system monitors your engagement with your emails by differentiating between those that have been read, replied to, links clicked on or interacted with in other ways. Gain a full picture of your research consumption to validate research payments effortlessly.

Streamline the investment process

In an industry where compliance obligations place ever greater burdens on the bottom line, disruptive and time-consuming tasks to collect accurate data on your research relationships is yet another drain on your time and resources.

Cortex’s automatic compliance and regulatory monitoring will reveal hidden opportunities and enable you to streamline the investment process. Accurate, complete and independent data on your research consumption enables you to value, refine and optimise your operations. 

Our seamless integrations ensure research consumption clarity.

Billions of data points automatically generated, securely captured, AI-structured, real-time delivered.

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