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FeedStock welcomes 121 Group as new client

FeedStock welcomes 121 Group onto its client roster

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FeedStock, a SaaS company that revolutionises the way people manage their commercial relationships, welcomes a new client, 121 Group, part of Hyve Group Plc, onto its client roster. 121 Group, a leading Investor Relations, Publishing and Events company, works with mining companies to build and strengthen their relationships with investors.

121 Group was looking for a technology platform which enabled them to fully-capitalise on all of the relationships in their network to maximise revenue generation. With a growing number of clients to manage and not enough time, opportunities were being missed. FeedStock provided instant insights into the company’s global network, by analysing billions of data points which are generated by 121 Group’s email interactions. Salespeople were instantly able to visualise and understand how they can maximise their client opportunities and provide the ultimate service for both clients and investors.

Toby Duckworth, Founding Partner of 121 Group said of FeedStock:

“In our second month of usage one Account Manager closed more than 70,000 USD in business by using FeedStock’s data to identify leads that would have otherwise fallen off our pipeline.

The system allows you to quickly understand if a prospective client is losing interest and prompts your sales team to act, as well as showing which leads have high levels of interest but haven’t yet been closed. Giving your sales team access to FeedStock’s intelligent assistance will not only ensure you have a happy sales team, but it will make dramatic difference to conversion rates and how they use their time. Simply put, the ROI of FeedStock is immeasurable.”

Charlie Henderson, Co-CEO and Founder of FeedStock said:

The fact that 121 Group has been able to immediately derive value from our platform has been very satisfying because ultimately, that is what drives us at FeedStock. We enable companies to instantly visualise and understand how they can fully-leverage their professional networks and we are delighted that 121 Group is capitalising on our platform to this extent already.”

About FeedStock

FeedStock was founded in 2015 by two finance professionals who wanted to improve the people manage their relationships. FeedStock is backed by venture capitalists Illuminate Financial, Praetura Ventures and Force Over Mass, and partnered with Cognizant and IHS Markit.