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FeedStock announces the appointment of two new leadership roles

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FeedStock continues on strong growth path with new leadership roles, naming Ming Gao as Lead Data Scientist and Max Woolger as Growth Lead  

FeedStock today announces the appointments of Ming Gao and Max Woolger to its leadership team, as Lead Data Scientist and Growth Lead respectively.

As Lead Data Scientist, Ming will lead strategic efforts in enhancing FeedStock’s AI and NLP technologies, designing and implementing new artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions which address compliance and commercial use-cases for FeedStock’s clients on the buy and sell-side. FeedStock’s products address the gap many financial services organisations face in deriving the value from unstructured data, providing real-time actionable client insights, a 360-degree automated compliance overview and reducing the need for manual, inaccurate data inputs.

Ming earned his PhD in machine learning and AI, with a focus on imbalanced data classification problems, from the University of Reading and his industry roles have built on that knowledge. Ming has worked with NLP and machine learning technologies in areas such as social media and web analytics, developing products from early stage prototyping through to feature building within product sets. His latter roles before joining FeedStock were within financial services and the consulting sector, working on AI and NLP technologies across both on-premise and SaaS stacks. Ming reports into FeedStock’s Co-CEOs Lucas Wurfbain and Charlie Henderson.

Ming Gao notes, “I am delighted to lead on the development of FeedStock’s AI and NLP technologies to benefit our clients and to unlock the value in their unstructured data. This role builds on my interest, expertise and experience in these areas, supporting financial institutions as they optimise costs and drive revenue generation, as well as advancing data analytics practices within the sector, for better informed decision making.”

As Growth Lead, Max’s background in technology sales at Cision and data innovation and management at Leathwaite and Marlin Hawk provides a wealth of experience to drive forwards FeedStock’s growth plan. Max reports into FeedStock’s Co-CEO Charlie Henderson.

Max Woolger says, “It is an exciting time to join the FeedStock team. FeedStock’s solutions negate the need for manual, incomplete and inaccurate data inputs and automatically capture and analyse human activity in the workplace using NLP. By removing the burden of manual data inputs, we enable people to focus on revenue-generating activities. FeedStock’s data analytics platform and unique NLP models can benefit many sectors and use-cases and I am excited to be part of the team to support the company as it scales.”

“We are thrilled to have experts in both data science and busines development heading our efforts to build and deliver effective solutions that work for our clients and address their needs, ” says Lucas Wurfbain, Co-CEO of FeedStock. “Ming’s knowledge of the application of machine learning and AI for driving value from unstructured data is outstanding. His work will help us design even better products for data-driven decision making for our customers, while Max’s understanding of our clients’ needs will ensure we can direct our solutions to deliver more benefits to those that need them.”