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Our Story

Back in 2015, our founders Charlie Henderson and Lucas Wurfbain left their careers in the City, frustrated by the inefficiencies which mounting compliance requirements and manual data inputs were causing across their firms and the industry. With professional roots in the financial services, they came together with a simple vision: to free businesses from the burden of error-prone, manual data inputs with a new, automated data-capture approach using ground-breaking and intuitive tech that reduces interruption to zero.

FeedStock co-founders Lucas Wurfbain and Charlie Henderson

Inspired to help businesses face the daunting challenges of mounting regulatory complexity and falling margins, they created FeedStock as a powerful driver and enabler of performance for the financial sector.

Today, FeedStock helps complex businesses track, filter and interpret the data and digital communications that define relationships – automatically and in real-time. By streamlining the constant flow of information behind your everyday interactions, we enable you to track and focus your communications where they can create real value, driving greater efficiency across your business.

From our base in London, we’re the beating heart of Fintech – always developing our family of advanced products leveraging AI and data at their core, from the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) models using Named-Entity Recognition (NER) to sentiment analysis and content classification, enabling everything from enhanced information extraction to intuitive content classification. Providing fresh clarity. Creating new insights. Saving time and effort. And all with no disruption.

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