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Executive Search Firm Case Study

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Case Study

An example of how an executive search firm could use FeedStock's Enterprise Relationship Intelligence to gain visibility of global client activity and which clients are being targeted, met with and grown. This enables them to identify any opportunities for collaboration, cross-selling and growth at an early stage.

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The client problem

A global executive search firm was looking to understand all of its client relationships without relying on senior partners to manually enter data into systems. Their senior teams had hundreds of relationships and as the company expanded and grew they wanted to be able to leverage and monetise those relationships much more easily. They were keen to focus on growing accounts, improving the amount of repeat business, opening new areas across functions, sectors and regions and they had decided the best way to do this was by truly comprehending on a granular level where relationships sat, who knew contacts best and how introductions could be most easily made. Their existing data systems and platforms were not able to give them this information.

Each senior partner had their own way of maintaining their portfolio of contacts and clients. These individuals operated in a siloed manner and had little visibility of who their colleagues were talking to and about what. Compounding this complex client relationship matrix was the fact that none of the senior partners used the CRM for anything other than pipeline management, so it was hard to see at an individual level where relationships lay and what was going on across client contacts. Therefore, the data upon which the firm was basing strategic business development and growth decisions was incomplete.

As relationships have shifted from in-person to digital, each senior partner had a growing number of digital touch-points per client.

Senior management wanted to gain visibility of global client activity and which clients were being targeted, met with and grown. This is so that they could identify any opportunities for collaboration, cross-selling and growth at an early stage.

The ERI solution

By analysing millions of data points gathered directly from the firm’s internal and external email flow, Synapse captures all the client relationships, analysing contacts, companies, content and colleagues and surfacing relationship quality insights. This enables the firm to fully leverage and monetise the relationships their partners have with clients and minimise repeat business issues.

Synapse provides real-time analysis of which partners within the firm are speaking to which clients and contacts. This instantly and automatically removes the communication siloes that otherwise can cause clients and potential clients to be left unattended, forgotten about and potentially revenue generating opportunities missed.

Previous communication siloes between their business and clients are broken down thanks to Synapse’s ability to provide relationship maps across the firm and its stakeholders and clients. Partners can understand who within their firm holds the key relationships with clients and contacts to ensure the best routes in are highlighted and the most appropriate person to grow each account is identified.

Overall, Synapse can:

  • Identify and alert partners when a colleague has got a strong relationship with a stakeholder they are speaking to and enable them to leverage the key relationship holders across the firm.
  • Reveal how a partner’s client relationships are strengthening or weakening over time so they can maximise opportunities and minimise repeat business issues.
  • Provide management with early warning signals about under- or over-serviced clients / potential clients so that they can understand better business development capacity, efficacy and strategy.
  • Highlight which topics are generating the most interest to assist marketing and global sales teams with insights to equip them to augment client interest with prospects and repeat business.
  • Unearth previous employees’ relationships by sucking in up to two years’ of historical interaction data to help corporatise client relationships.
  • Remove the reliance on manual CRM data inputs and automatically capture all client interactions in real-time with no manual data entry required.

How do we get there?

FeedStock integrates with our clients to deliver a bespoke and customised hosting solution. FeedStock’s modular system architecture provides flexibility to fulfil the client’s legal, regulatory, security and data privacy requirements. The client can opt for a cloud-based hosting solution for which the majority of the components are run in an isolated client cloud account that is fully managed by FeedStock.

Requiring minimal knowledge, training and effort from the client, this solution allows for a faster go-live time frame and results in the system being up and running in the client’s environment within 2 weeks.

FeedStock releases regular maintenance updates and takes full ownership of the running, maintenance and upgrades delivered to the on-cloud components.

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