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Executive Search Firm Case Study

An example of how an executive search firm could use FeedStock's Enterprise Relationship Intelligence to gain visibility of global client activity and which clients are...

Case Study

Global Insurance Broker Case Study

An example of how a global insurance broker could deploy FeedStock's ERI system to address the challenge presented by the complex relationship ecosystem which exists...

Case Study

Professional Services Firm Case Study

An example of how a professional services firm could deploy FeedStock's ERI system, Synapse, to maximise the ROI of their teams and increase revenue generation.

Case Study

EMEA Equities Broker Case Study

A case study of how one European Equities Broker deployed FeedStock Synapse to drive better client service, increased revenue-generation and improved cost and risk management...

Case Study

Global Asset Manager Case Study

A case study of how FeedStock Cortex was able to help one of the largest asset management firms address research procurement and pricing challenges.

Case Study

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