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In our second month of usage one Account Manager closed more than 70,000 USD in business by using FeedStock’s data to identify leads that would have otherwise fallen off our pipeline.

The system allows you to quickly understand if a prospective client is losing interest and prompts your sales team to act, as well as showing which leads have high levels of interest but haven’t yet been closed. Giving your sales team access to FeedStock’s intelligent assistance will not only ensure you have a happy sales team, but it will make dramatic difference to conversion rates and how they use their time.

Simply put, the ROI of FeedStock is immeasurable.

Toby Duckworth, Founding Partner

The mission critical way to leverage your professional relationships for growth.

B2B buying has changed, there are more interactions, less face time and outbound growth is getting harder. And yet businesses are sitting on huge untapped networks within their own company. Unlike CRMs, FeedStock automatically captures, categorises and analyses every single relationship straight from your inbox to deliver easier growth via relationships that already exist.

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